Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mockery of Exams

Its not something I want to say because I study in a professional college and it happens in our college or with me but anybody, anywhere in any professional college can relate to it.
Exam in a professional college is more of a mystery and its very difficult to resolve by outsiders.

Moreover to do good in exams it doesn't matter how well you have attended classes but how smartly you have studied the day before the exam. 90% of academic year or semester gets spent in all the nuisances, its only the previous day of exams that maximum of the students get to know properly the name of the subject, the prescribed books, what the teachers have taught, etc. Everybody can be seen running to the academic topper's room (who in all other cases may be losers and for the whole semester, he has not been given any attention but on that day he is in heavy demand) and collecting notes and also pleading them if they can take out little amount of time from their busy schedule of time and make them understand some topics so they can at least score pass marks.

But there is another group of people who collect notes as usual but then they don't study to understand but to know the topics in the notes & in which portion & after that they get busy in preparing the chits from which they will copy in the exams. To everybody's surprise also they get maximum questions common which even the toppers after burning midnight oil couldn't get.
Students in professional colleges study to learn something but to get jobs and while studying also they give more stress on those topics that are frequently asked by interviewers.

But the group of students who are in most advantageous position are the ones who have maintained good links with the teachers because they know performance in exams doesn't matter while evaluation in their cases. They are well aware that teachers will give good marks and grades whatever the case with their exams. And mind it their group strength is quite a sizeable one and among its rank some of the so called toppers are also counted. If possible they also collect the questions that are going to come in the exams as it happens often that some students are seen trying to solve those questions(ultimately they won't be able to solve without the help of others) which in the wildest of dreams also, no one can think that these questions will come in the question paper and these questions come.

The group that suffers the most are the ones who try to be honest and don't adopt any unfair means and definitely I don't want to count myself among them. They are actually the losers though in society they may be gainers.

And the funniest thing happens when after the exams & before declaration of results, the answer scripts are shown to the students(especially in institutions with deemed status), a situation of fish market like atmosphere erupts wherein maximum students, with a special mention of the 'chatua' publics, try to get their marks increased by the teachers. Those who can, are the ones benifitted the most & luckiest of all in the whole examination process.


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