Monday, November 16, 2009


One of the most important inventions that have changed human life dramatically over the last few years is the advent of mobile among the general public. And its difficult to say whether it has made life simpler or tougher. Last few years have seen widespread networking of mobile in all over the world and especially in our country India. Everybody can be found possessing a mobile in his hand be it young or old. Its not that whoever is having mobile requires it for some work but they just have one.

Mobiles have been useful to many but to many others its just a status symbol. Over the years there have been various studies on it and it has been found that continuous use of mobiles for long hours can have hearing problem. There is also a chance that as in mobiles electro-magnetic waves are used and long exposure to them can lead to tumors and cancer. Mobiles have also led to far reaching consequences. Genetic mutations can be caused by the electro-magnetic waves and these may affect generations to come with some form of deformities.

The heat that gets generated from the mobiles is also not good for health as constant use of mobiles for long hours heats up the mobiles and since they are being kept in constant contact with human body organ, they cause damage to the organs. Mobiles have caused hearing problems among people. Constant exposure to mobiles causes heart, lungs, kidney related problems. Even brain tumor can be caused by them. And high incidence of brain tumor is also a reason for this.

The anxiety among the people has also increased. If you go somewhere and after reaching there don’t call then tension people in house gets tensed. It wasn’t the case few years ago. Mobile is a necessity and has to be used but addiction to mobiles can destroy our human life.


Few people would have thought that the rule of about 40 years would be nearing to such a disgraceful exit. Though its still not exit but still it’s the path of exit. Well I am talking of the CPM’s rule in West Bengal. People used to say that CPM could never be removed from Writer’s Building. They somehow had mastery in the science of winning elections and coming back to power again and again. No force whatsoever was able to dislodge them from West Bengal.

But things have changed dramatically over the last few months. CPM has suffered greatly from the mass movements in Nandigram and Singur where a chemical plant and a TATA motors factory were to be set up. But due to pressure from local people with the support from Trinamool Congress and other environmental activists, the project could not be implemented. TATA had to shift its factory to Gujarat. Due to this the general response of the public towards CPM suffered. And the affects were very much visible in the last Lok Sabha elections and the recent by-elections to a few of the assembly seats. The CPM went blank. So it can easily be speculated that the days of CPM in West Bengal are closing up.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Terrorism in North-East has its roots in North-East but it gets its nutrients from the neighbouring countries. There is a wide network of cross border terrorism prevailing in North-East, especially in Assam. All the major terrorist groups have their bases set up in different countries from where they operate. The in action of the government of those countries have also supported their cause and escalated India’s headache. All most all the terrorist groups have their bases in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Bhutan, etc.

United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) has its training camps in Bangladesh, Myanmar, etc. Most of their leaders also stay in other countries. The recent arrest of its two leaders namely Sasha Choudhury and Chitraban Hazarika along the Bangladesh border has further proved it. Even N.D.F.B. and NSCN also have their training camps in others countries.

The main reasons for them setting up training camps and bases in those countries is the apathy shown by those countries in helping India solve its problem, rather they somehow sponsor terrorism. Recently the change of Government in Bangladesh has led to some change in the general mood in Bangladesh establishment. The present government has shown some interest in flushing out terrorist from its soil. The earlier they do it, the better it is for them also. Other countries have sometimes launched military action against them occupying their soil but the intensity is very low and also rare.

These countries do not understand that the ones they are helping or supporting now, one day will affect their security and sovereignty. Our government should pressurize them so that these countries start taking action. We can hope that good sense prevail on them.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well Maharashtra assembly was recently in news not for the reason that a new assembly was formed after the recent elections but for a very different cause which must make all of our head bend with shame. An M.L.A. bitting another M.L.A. inside the very hall, in front of other M.L.A.s and also the speaker. What a scene it might have been... That shows the democracy of our country. The ones whom we send as our representatives to the Vidhan Sabhas and Lok Sabha are themselves involved in fighting. How will they make policies and laws for general people???? They should first make laws for them.

The reason for all the furore that happened is that an M.L.A. was taking oath in Hindi. According to some M.L.A.s of a particular party, he is supposed to take oath in only Marathi as it is Maharashtra Assembly. What a wish from some M.L.A.s... Where in our constitution is that written that an M.L.A. has to take oath in the language of the state in which he is elected??? Our so called respected representatives are supposed to abide by the constitution of India but they are a step ahead, they are changing the constitution. This is the first incident of its kind in India.

Now, I want to attract attention to something else. This is that the M.L.A.s who created all these problems were themselves talking to mediapersons in Hindi. Have they forgotten their stand??? Or they themselves are someone from North India. Why could not they keep up their word??? The most important thing that comes out of the whole incident is the M.L.A.s wanted to earn some cheap publicity and it was more of a publicity stunt. Our aam jaanta should look into that...


Dalai Lama, the revered spiritual leader of the Buddhists is on a 7 day tour of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. He has come to this place after 6 long years. He is respected all over, so his visit has attracted great heights of joy and enthusiasm among the local people who have gathered to just have a glimpse of this spiritual leader. He has been meeting people and blessing them and showing no signs of tiredness. The greatness of the person can just be realized that he is keeping the media at a distance and not allowing to come near to him.

But its not that his visit has not attracted any sort of controversy. China was dead against the visit of this Tibetian spiritual leader. They regard Arunachal Pradesh as a disputed territory and were against his visit. They asked Indian government in New Delhi to not allow him to visit this holy place of Buddhists, which is baseless. Their demand of Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh as disputed territory are ridiculous and also baseless. Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh have been India's land and it will remain so. There is no question about it. China has always been in some sort of intention of creating disturbances in India by supporting extremist elements or by their unusual demands. They are also helping Pakistan in creating disturbances in India.

India has every right to decide whom to allow and whom not allow in its territory. There is no need of any external suggestion or demand in it. They should rather be concerned about themselves. Instead of trying to maintain peace with its neighbour's, they are always in loggerheads. They have been making ridiculous demands from time immemorial. India should not put ears to all these. To them everything is disputed. Sikkim , Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, etc. and many others whatever they wish from time to time regard as controversial and disputed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The menace of Maoist is not new to the people of this country. Every year hundreds of policemen and civilians die because of the attacks by the Maoists. A large part of the country is under the influence of Maoist. They are trying to maintain their own separate government. Over the last few years the numbers of districts that are under the influence of Maoists have increased. There are many states which are worst affected by them namely Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand. Apart from these states, there are other states which are also affected.

The Maoists claim to be a revolutionary group. But actually they are far from being a revolutionary group. Their main weapon is violence and killing of innocent lives. They mainly started their movement among the landless people but later on speard it to other spheres also. They stay in the jungles where military action becomes difficult. They consider themselves to be communists but what they are doing does not synchronize with the ideology of communism. The last few months have seen a sharp rise in the activities of these Maoists. There have been killings of innocent people and attacks on police personnel.

The incident at Lalgarh took the whole country by surprise as they declared a zone to be free, such is their influence. The Union Home Ministry had to immediately bring in battalions of security forces so that the area can be liberated from the Maoists. A long battle happened between the two sides. The security forces could ultimately enter into Lalgarh but still incidents of violence are reported from these places. The recent death of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Dr. Y. S. R. Reddy in a chopper crash is also being speculated as work of them only. Most recently they stopped Rajdhani Express for more than 5 hours demanding the release of their leader Chatradhar Mahato leading to a near hijack of the Express.

The main reasons for our Police forces in tackling them are our men in khakis are ill equipped. Where as these outfits are equipped with modern arms and ammunitions, our forces still have pre-independence guns. Also proper strategy is lacking among the forces. Moreover root cause of the problem has to be solved to bring the Maoists problem to an end for good.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Every year Nobel prizes are declared and this year was no exception to it. Among all the Nobel prizes, the Nobel Prize for Peace is the most prestigious one though I in no way want demean the Nobel prizes on other subjects. So this year when it was declared, it called for mixed reactions from different quarters. Mr. Barack Obama, the present President of USA is choosen for this prestigious award. Nine months into office, is it justified to choose him as the one. There are divergent views on it. The most important factor for Nobel Prize should be how much substantial work the concerned person or organization has done to make this world a better place to live in. When I say nine months into office, I do not mean that a person on being the President for nine months can’t get this prize. But what I tried to emphasize is that in these nine months how much has he really done. And that is the big question. I don’t think anybody can say that he has done a great work in this field to bag this Prize. He may be trying to bring about peace but that too is questionable considering that they are yet to find a clear cut solution of both Iraq and Afghanistan. He may have met Arab country leaders and spoke on how to maintain peace but there is a long way to go and I think it can’t be a consideration for this coveted Prize.

Could not the Nobel committee find a person who is more appropriate for it at the present moment. Or the job of President of USA in itself is enough to get this Prize. Its irony or disgusting that that our very own Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was not conferred with this prize. He was nominated three times but could not get even once though his stature, even today after 60 years of his death, is such that Nobel Prize is not at all required to recognize his works. It’s the bad luck of Nobel Prize that it could not have Mahatma Gandhi in its list. So I hope everybody will be of this opinion that the list will always miss him and it can never be complete. Perhaps by not choosing him, the Nobel committee might have done a great favour as his name will not stand along with few unworthy recipients like this year’s one.

My request to the committee that selects people for the prizes is that they should be more justified in their selection. As their action may one day lead to the demeaning of the status of Nobel Prize.

Then also my heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Obama that he succeeds in his endeavour and he justifies the Nobel committee in their selection of him as the one.

Last but not the least we all Indians should be proud that this year’s list of Nobel Prize winners has an Indian origin person in it. Mr. Venkataraman Ramakrishnan has won it for Chemistry. We hope that in future there will be many more Indians in this coveted list.
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