Thursday, April 9, 2009

US' Pak Policy

US' Pakistan Policy is nothing but to treat Pakistan as a kitchen. And their interest is only to cook in the kitchen, not to clean it after cooking gets over. Pakistan's future doesn't interest them, they are only concerned about their benefits. The day their interest won't be their in Pakistan, they will dump it. There won't be any support to them. But the present policy of US towards Pakistan creating problems for India for they in one hand talking about against terrorism but on the other hand they are providing military aids to Pakistan, which Pakistan is using in terror activities against India.

Though US try to talk tough with Pakistan but they ultimately go in Pakistan's way only. Pakistan provides US a military base in South-East Asia through which they can have a better control over this part of the continent. US is nothing but acting as a modern imperialist country. US is using Pakistan for its fight against Taliban in Afghanistan

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lalu comments on Varun

Lalu's comment on Varun is totally an immature statement. It does not reflect his stature in Indian politics. What is more important is the statement that he used against Varun Gandhi. It is nothing less than what Varun is supposed to have said. So if Varun can be locked in jail under NSA then why not Lalu. The husband-wife duo have started making inflammatory speeches. The other day Rabri Devi was in the headlines for using slang language.

Is this what a minister in the Central government comment??? The prime minister should look into the matter and think whether Lalu ji is fit to be in the council of ministers. How could he say of using bull dozer against Varun and taking law into his hands. Is this for what he is aspiring to be the Prime minister of India??? I think India would be better placed without him as P.M., who even could not rule his state properly and putting his undeserving wife in the chair of chief minister when he himself could not continue...


What a shoe it was....... The journalist throwing shoe at Mr. P. Chidambaram( the honourable home minister of India) has been the spice of the story for all news channels and print media. There are different opinions on this issue as to whether the act was right or wrong. And its complicated to come out with a clear cut view that it is justified or not justified. Before we say anything we need to understand the anger which led Mr. Jarnail to take this perversive step. If one sees that justice not provided even after 25 years gone, then how come a person sit back and take the decision lightly. He perhaps had no other way but to do this.

He is a journalist and he could have used words in place of shoe. But above all he is a human being. He has got his due sentiments and feelings which are above his profession. And we can't blame him for all this. If a person implicated in mass conspiracy is set free and allowed to contest elections then there is bound to be reactions like that. And the reaction this has been in the form of that journalist. Some day it might be some other person. So unless we stop criminalising our politics, I hope there would be more such incidents. His act may not be justified by law but then the other day Mr. Jaswant Singh rightly said 'Law is an Ass'.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Court rejects Sanjay and Pappu from Contesting LS

The rejection by court of Sanjat Dutt's and Pappu Yadav's plea to allow them to contest elections came as a no surprise. The judicial machinery of India is still something that people of India should be proud of. These are perhaps the first steps in the right direction to stop criminalisation of the Parliament. How can sentenced in Arms Act and another to life imprisonment for involvemrnt in a murder case guide the country and represent it in the global forum.

The criminals because of their influence in the people and the fear psycosis that they create get elected to the parliament. Rather it can be said that people in general are forced to vote for them for the fear of getting some bad treatment from the goons fed by those criminals.

Sanjay Dutt is a good actor so he should devote more time in acting and producing good films than coming to politics. We all like his movies and would love to watch him in movies and not in the dias of political parties.

SUPREME COURT decision on Varun

I may be a lay man in the matters of law but even then also it seems to me that the imposition of National Security act to Varun Gandhi was totally unwanted for. It seems to me a conspiracy by the U.P. government to defame the name of Varun. How come a person by uttering few words which he himself is denying also not proved in the court be implicated in NSA. I think even if he would have made the speech, the NSA is not all required. There have been many more aggresive and hate speeches made earlier that have not been loked into. But suddenly the Election Commission and the government has become too active.

Supreme Court's decision today to issue notice to the U.P. government and the district magistrate of Pilibhit is a right move. It will make sure that government and administration in particular don't make decisions in haste and favouring the ones who are ruling. Lawyers and Politicians across party lines are saying that it wasn't at all required. But the government to achieve some brownie points over their rivals imposed it so that it becomes a political issue.
Jammu & Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah was also against imposing of such.

Varun Gandhi may have said something that is against a particular community but then it is still not proved. The E.C. also showed too much haste in it by advising B.J.P. not to field him as a candidate. Even E.C. didn't meet personally to him. The decision and advice was pronounced just on the basis of a video which may have been doctored as varun is saying. If he is found giulty then he should definitely not be fielded but otherwise why not...

View towards Politics

We have a general view that Politics is bad and politicians make it even worse. We general public are always in the blame game that politicians don't do anything. They are the ones who are leading our country to disaster. But if we ask ourselves how much have we helped in that disaster... We will find that we in same way and as much as responsible for that. Don't we elect our leaders??? We definitely do. We elect the same person again and again even though that person has hardly done anything. Then who is to blamed, its us. Can't we find 500 good people who can feel the pulse of people from the population of more than 110 crores. We are lured by the profile of a candidate and not on the activities. If we have been good then how come criminals get elected to the Parliament. We do say we don't want criminals but while voting it comes out to be completely different.

Unless we change the system, the system won't get changed. We need to develop awareness among ourselves. Its time for all of us to make a concerted effort in this regard. We the young generation who comprise of the maximum percentage of population of the country can definitely change if we want to. If we make a pledge that from this elections we will try to elect that person who is the able and justified of all the candidates then the day won't be far enough when we can also boast of having such persons in our Parliament who are there for us and ready hear and discuss all our issues.
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