Thursday, April 2, 2009

Court rejects Sanjay and Pappu from Contesting LS

The rejection by court of Sanjat Dutt's and Pappu Yadav's plea to allow them to contest elections came as a no surprise. The judicial machinery of India is still something that people of India should be proud of. These are perhaps the first steps in the right direction to stop criminalisation of the Parliament. How can sentenced in Arms Act and another to life imprisonment for involvemrnt in a murder case guide the country and represent it in the global forum.

The criminals because of their influence in the people and the fear psycosis that they create get elected to the parliament. Rather it can be said that people in general are forced to vote for them for the fear of getting some bad treatment from the goons fed by those criminals.

Sanjay Dutt is a good actor so he should devote more time in acting and producing good films than coming to politics. We all like his movies and would love to watch him in movies and not in the dias of political parties.


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