Friday, December 30, 2011

Three Times Loser: Book Review

Love is not about winning, it is about sacrificing for your love. The book ‘Three Times Loser’ if not anything else proves this statement perfectly. ‘Three Times Loser’ is authored by Akash Verma, who already has a bestselling book ‘It Happened that Night’ under his belt. His use of simple English not only sets the backdrop of his story but also makes it a good read.

And who said, love can only happen once in your life time, definitely not, according to the principal protagonist of the story Alok. He loved three completely different girls who were unique in their own ways but representing a section of our society. As love is more about sacrifices and not how much you get, every time he had to sacrifice something. First he sacrificed his love for Megha, second time he gave up his principles for Mandira and in the third case he gave up his flourishing career for Shonali. But the story teaches one thing to keep on loving and to hear our heart as this can only give us our peace of mind.

His way of storytelling has been unique wherein he converged three frames of his life happened at three different time period and place into a single one. And perhaps all seemed to be so interlinked to each other which ultimately became part of a single set of events.

And lastly the story teaches us something which is very basic to our lives i.e. happiness. It teaches us to forget our past and move on. To take decisions that our heart says.
The story is nicely written in a well articulated\manner. It is a good read and I would definitely recommend it to others.
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