Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fuss over Varun Gandhi

The whole Varun Gandhi episode is making Politics even more dirtier. What irritates me most is not whether Varun said so or not but too much of discussion or fuss is made over the issue. Our politicians need a topic to discuss. In spite of talking so much on this issue, if they discussed some issues related to development of the country then there wouldn't have been so many farmer suicides.

Let the law of the land ke its due action. If he is found guilty he should be sentenced appropriately bt before that we should we waste our time in discussing this matter. There is court to judge and perhaps we all have faith on it that it will pronounce the right judgement.

The is too not helping the cause. They have some news o increase their TRP and so they are also indulging politicians in this battle of words. Everyday in some news channel or the other there can be found discussion going on in this matter. They just call few politicians from different party folds, who have no other work but to give bytes to these channels, and make them fight over that.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Off track

Well today I am relieved a bit. I hope I will be free for few days. With the college fest also there I think this week will be one filled with fun. This is our last college fest before we leave. Last week I also got my offer letter from the company which recruited me. So it has been a good few days for me though a bit busy due to project presentation and all. But what is giving a thought to me is that whether all the good leading to something seriously bad. One never knows when it may turn 180 degree.

Regarding politics which is quite a favourite topic for me, the hot topic now in all over India is Varun Gandhi's court arrest. It is rightly said that one week is a long duration in politics. From nowhere he has suddenly become a house hold name. In politics people like to be involved in controversies. One or two court arrests and a few FIRs are rather must to be in politics. It doesn't matter to them how much they have done for their constituency from which they have been elected.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Think about others

There is something special in getting that for which you wait a lot... Its the anticipation and excitement that kills you but on getting one just gets over joyed... These are human elements. One can't get away from them and those who can, they are great. There is a saying in Bhagavad Gita that tells to do ones work without expecting for result. But it seems gone are those days, gone are those thoughts. There is hardly people possessing such values. Every body has become so much result oriented that these preachings have become almost irrelevant to most people. But there are some who still treasure those values. And they are ones who will be the torch bearers for this world. We are often subjected to petty considerations and don't get the time to think about the greater cause and welfare of the people en mass. But we forget that by thinking about ourselves only we are not doing any good to us. Because ultimately the lives of other people will affect us at some point of time, we can't be proof to that. Like everyday we are spoiling the environment for our benefit but is it really benefit us, rather we are converting Earth as a store house of all waste products. Similarly in all respects it will hurt us in the long run.

Election scenario

Its been a hectic two weeks for me...as I had exams and now the presentations....so hardly getting any time to write blogs....
The scene of elections in India is really hotting up... Every where there is blame game... One party is blaming the other. The alliances are breaking up. The battle between the two most important prime ministerial candidates is also rising with Dr, Manmohan Singh also opening up and giving replies to Mr. L. K. Advani. The process for first phase of elections have already started. Recently L. K. Advani came to our constituency, he took up the issue of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants which many parties are fearing to take up fearing the minority vote-bank. Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are changing the demography of Northeast. Though government accepting that there are illegal immigrants, they are not ready to take any action against them for they fear that it might hampertheir vote in the elections. For that reason B.J.P. must be given due credit, for they are the only party opening raising the issue.

Who ever forms the next government should definitly raise this issue in the parliament.....otherwise it would be too late to do anything...

//For my hectic schedule I am keeping the post small...but I would definitly try to post more regularly....//

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's that Third Front...

Whenever I hear about Third Front or United Front, it comes to me all the history notes that I had studied during my school days about World Wars where different countries opened up different fronts to stop the march of other countries. At least there it was for a good reason to protect the countrymen from the enemies. But in our country a front is created to take India to sluggery. These few people who can't get along with any party thus form a third front. They have so many Prime Minister aspirants that its number exceeds the number of parties in the front. They themselves admit that they won't have the support to form a government on their own but they want to become king maker. These king makers are nothing but the ones who stabilise government and hamper in proper decision making of a government.

Once they name it United They irony of the fact is that before every elections they form such fronts and after every elections they break up thus keeping general public in an illusion.Front, on the other occasion they say it to be Third Front. To me its all the same. The parties that could not get into a good bargain with any of the two major National Parties, start talking of all these fronts. This is a conglomeration of all the political parties that have hardly done much for the country apart from forming Governments once or twice in their respective states.

My question is: What happens all these fronts after the elections and where do they disappear????? Politics is nothing but a game where politicians consider only their individual interests... Give them a ministerial berth and they will forget all their ideologies, pre poll alliances, manifestos, etc. with the help of which they have won won a few of the seats. So in politics crocodiles are better placed than the humans.

So many P.M.s

Yesterday every news channel was airing the news that Mayawati has considered herself to be the best and the only alternative to Dr. Manmohan Singh. Its not only Mayawati but there are many others who have already shown their interest for the chair of P.M. My opinion is not about Mayawati or anybody in particular. Its the greatest gift as well as curse to Indian democracy that anybody willing can hold any post though he or she may or may not have the required credentials. India needs such a P.M., who can march India to new heights, solve all the economic crisis that is prevailing, uplift the condition of farmers, provide better basic amenities to the people and parallely put India into the global forum and take an active part in the global decision making. We can't think of a prime minister who wins on the basis of caste based politics. If I have to say my opinion then I see only a few leaders who can lead India namely Dr. Manmohan Singh, L.K. Advani, Pranab Mukherjee(a person India must see as a P.M.), and among the young leaders mainly P. Chidambaram, Sushma Swaraj and there may be few others. Its not bad to think of becoming prime minister but saying one should introspect as to whether he or she would be a good match to the prestige and dignity attached to the post. Its definitely not a child's play job. A decision may affect crores of people. And we perhaps don't require a prime minister to remain within the shackles of caste or any other matter as it may be. So my friends while voting its a duty of ours to think and then vote the right person as each one of our vote will count and we should make it count.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Who is ‘I’???

  • ‘I’ has got universality in it. Nothing is left outside of ‘I’.

  • The narrow mindedness in us converts ‘I’ into just an individual.

  • ‘I’ is the reason for all the happiness in this world. We try to make ourselves happy thus in a way making the whole world happy.

  • ‘I’ is also the reason for all the sadness in this world. The selfishness in us makes destroys happiness around.

  • ‘I’ is the root cause for all the development.

  • ‘I’ is also the cause for poverty prevailing here as I only think of me and leave my brethren to suffer.

  • ‘I’ is the source for all corruption and bribery.

  • It’s the ‘I’ that leads us to war.

  • The moment we give up ‘I’ and adopt ‘We’, we conquest the whole universe.

  • The ego attached to ‘I’ leads us to become losers.

  • And above all it’s just another vowel of the English alphabet.

‘I’ can lead us to extremes of anything. It affects us in more bad ways than good. Think on it and decide as to how much ‘I’ is destroying us. The ‘I’ in me always tries to keep me separate from others. The moment we conquer and control the ‘I’ present in all of us, we will free ourselves from all narrow mindedness and prejudices.

Triumph of GOOD over EVIL

Holi takes me to the memories that I have playing it along with my friends in my locality. In the morning we all used to go out taking along with us different types of colours. We used to visit every house in the locality putting ‘gulal’ to one & all in the locality. There were some who used hide from us and our intention used to pour more ‘gulal’ and other colours on them. They were our main targets. Touching the feet of the elders and then they providing sweets, it was all really wonderful. At the end we used to become a gang of 20-25 boys and a few girls also. But with the passing of years all these things have become a distant thought. Everybody is preoccupied with his or her work. Nobody gets time for all these. These have become secondary to all.

Holi is a universal festival. It knows no religion, no community and no political boundaries. It is celebrated in many countries with the same enthusiasm and fervor. It’s a day when everybody is treated equal; there is no high class and low class and all plays holi together. For a day everybody forgets their sorrows and tries to float on the happiness of the occasion of holi. It rejuvenates to start things afresh. It’s a festival that converts enemies to friends.

According to mythology ‘Holi’ marks the victory of good over the evil. As it goes, it is said that on this day ‘Holika’, a devil got burnt thus relieving all the people. So in this happiness everybody was enjoying with colours and sweets. And from then onwards holi is played on that day.

Similarly, a situation or a day has come wherein we need to reclaim the motive of holi and do away with all the evils in the society. Its high time for all of us we make a concerted effort to remove all sorts of hindrances that is blocking the development of our country and this world. We need to make it a better and peaceful place to live in.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Party system

Another Election, another hung Parliament,is this what we want....

With the General Elections in India approaching, a question that may arise in every Indian's mind is what type of party system do we require??? A two party system or the multi party system, that is there in India at present. We can all remember the phase 1996-99, when we were forced to three General Elections. This is a waste of tax-payers money. In spite of using it for development purpose, it has to be used for meeting election expenses. This amounts to crores of rupees. And this time it is estimated the money that is to be spent will be more than the money spent in America's Presidential elections. Anybody can imagine now the amount. And who can give the assurance that again there won't be hung Parliament. Ultimately its the common man who suffers due to the rise in prices caused by elections.

Now, if we get into the implications of two party & multi party system in case of India then we will find that both have their pros & cons. A two party system brings more stability to to the government. Government can take tough decisions for the welfare of the people. It also don't have to look after its allies for the support. But India being a diverse country(one of its kind in the whole world), with two party system all the sections and communities of people may not get proper representation. Some sections may not get proper forum to express their views.

Whereas a multi party system leads to instability. There may not be a single party that gets a clear cut majority as we often see this happening in our country. A government can't complete its full term. But here anybody willing to form a party & contest elections can do that. All the regions, communities & ideologies have their party. People have more choices to vote.

This debate has been continuing and will continue as and when there will be a problem of hung parliament or assembly. Our policy makers need to discuss it at the appropriate level so that some solution may crop up.

One way we can do that is allowing only the National parties to contest General Elections and not state elections whereas state elections to be contested by regional parties and they can't contest General Elections. In this way number of parties in the election fray will decrease.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Woman: A life not a day………

Today I was talking to a friend of mine over phone, I was just praising her or rather the whole women fraternity for some reason and in reply she asked me, am I doing that because today is woman’s day. And what she said is definitely thoughtful. I did not give notice to it at that time but later I realized, somehow she was telling the truth only. She was telling what it happens in reality. May be while I was saying I didn’t consider that.

Over the years we have seen the condition of women. Though our culture places them in high position but whether our society does the same is a question that needs to be answered. Over the ages we have been telling that women are the form of goddess, they are our mothers but when it comes to performing the same we falter. We hardly give their due respect and position in society. Our society always considers them to be an object or a material that is to be exploited from time to time. Though with modern education, we are saying all those stuffs about equality but still gender bias exist.
Still a girl child is not welcomed in most of the houses. Whenever a girl is born, her parents start thinking about her marriage and all the money that would be required during that. She is always thought to be someone else’s property. So general idea is that give her little education, make her know some house-hold works and get her married. The condition was such even hundred years back and the condition is same even today, may be a little improvement with relentless work of handful of reformers. But on general terms it’s still the same.

There are still cases of child marriage, sati ‘pratha’ which is the most inhuman and barbaric of all. Cases of female foetecide are still prevalent in India. And even the so called high class society is not away from that. The number of girl dropouts from schools and colleges is at an alarming high rate. Even though we have passed laws banning dowry decades ago, it is still widespread in most of the Indian societies. We do get cases of unnatural female deaths within months of their marriage. The number of rapes and other anti social acts on them is on an increase and every day after opening the newspaper the front page is full of such news.

So what we require today??? I definitely don’t think by allocating a day to them we have done enough. Participating in various lectures and meetings on that day and talking all the good things about women upliftment and emancipation will not solve the purpose. Doing nothing and forgetting them for the rest of the year, it’s not at all required. We have been hearing all these years about 33% reservations for women. But are we serious in that, if we would have been serious it should have been passed in the top most Panchayat of India since most of the parties are supporting it or at least the two largest national parties are supporting it. Then why there isn’t a law till now. It’s nothing but a vote bank politics. Our leaders are more interested in garnering votes than to do something for the welfare of the masses. They talk about consensus but I want to ask, do we require consensus to pass and make any other laws. Then, why in this case. Have women got their due share in the society?

My question to every body is that why do we dedicate a day for them? They don’t require a day but a life of equality, peace and happiness. They don’t require such people who say about them on this particular day and forget for the rest of the year. Work must be done at the lower level to see that every girl, every woman is getting equal justice and benefit from the society. if we can’t do that then after another hundred years the condition will be nothing but the same.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Recession: Engineer's Perspective

I don't know a damn about Economics, least of all RECESSION. But in the last one year, I have not counted, it would be innumerable times I have been asked about recession. People think that I, being a just to pass out engineer, will know everything about the term 'recession' and the repercussions that it has on the future of engineers like me. But no myself being from non-economics background, I have no information on that term which is affecting so many lives world wide. Of course, I can tell something about the miseries people are suffering because of it. Perhaps we Indians are lucky, we are affected in a lesser degree, but no doubt we have also fallen into its vicious trap.

Very recently, a cousin of mine who is an IT professional took a leave to marry but he was not sure whether after returning back the company will need him & more so if at all the company will exist. Every day thousands of employees are shown the door with either little or no compensation. Another incident happened with a passed out senior of our college, he was working in an MNC which is of good repute in our country(I don't want to name it) & was handed the pink slips even after having an experience of eight long years. Now, devastated to such an extent as to how he will pay back all the loans taken from banks to buy a car and a lavish flat that he came to a professor out here and requested to somehow manage a job of even five thousand bucks. He also has a family to sustain. All the major companies are into cost cutting efforts and the days of effluent and lavish spending and living are gone. Salaries are slashed in most of the companies. Gone are the days when people dreamt of earning in dollars and pounds by moving to the developed countries, as there is a growing trend in U.S. and Britain to offer jobs only to their countrymen in this situation of job losses & unemployment. And to me it sounds good also as I too won't like someone from another country eating away into jobs in my country.

Its not such that only the IT professionals are affected but it has taken into its sphere of influence all avenues of life starting from the petty daily labourers to the top level executives. The export business is the most affected. As India has the largest diamond cutting industry and the polished diamonds are then exported, the industry has to suffer heavy losses. Thousands of workers lost their jobs in those industries. You can understand the hardships they now have to face. perhaps semi-skilled workers in our country are the hardest hit.

Talking of all, how can we forget the ones who are to join the job market this year. They are the most unsecured of the lot. They don't have any experience to rely on for searching jobs. Even the companies that have offered jobs are trying to get away from them and these includes big names. Some though are not directly saying, they won't give offer letters but definitely joining dates are going to be delayed. The market that so recently was in upswing and felt there is a shortage of skilled workers has taken U turn. Companies used to hire professionals in advance so that whenever new project comes, they can be absorbed into them. No longer is the same case now. All the companies are taking a strategy of wait and see. Many job seekers have also changed their priorities as they no longer want to run after high salaried private jobs but settle into more stabilized government jobs.

The share markets climbed rapidly as there were lots of foreign investments and when they felt they made enough profits, started withdrawing their money from the markets. The share markets ballooned and then busted. It is one of the primary reason for all that having now.

Now, when I am talking so much into the effects of recession in people's lives, how can I stop without saying its impact on me. And as all of you can see I have jumped into the blogosphere.

But the silver lining is that experts are of the opinion markets going to improve in the near future & it would be much more stable than it was. This is the only hope though may be against the hope. Then there is no other way out also.

Jinnah's secular speech & today's Pakistan

L.K.Advani was few years back in the midst of all sorts of controversy for terming the speech delivered by Jinnah on 11th August,1947 in the constituent assembly of Pakistan as a secular one. But anybody going through the speech available here has to say that it is indeed a speech required to guide a newly formed nation. It tries to do away with all the anomalies in the system. He categorically mentions about maintaining law & order, protecting all religious beliefs, eradiction of bribery & corruption, etc. He also says how black marketing is a crime & evil of nepotism.

He stressed the need to vanish all angularities among different religions and instead build a nation where there would be no division based on religious communities. He perhaps may have had a great vision for the newly formed country but does Pakistan achieved anything of these...
As we being neighbours of Pakistan, any developments taking place there is affecting us also. There is no denying the fact that the present state in which Pakistan stands today is a cause of concern for us. Pakistan has become a safe heaven for the terrorists and even the government is succumbing to them. It has become an insecured state with hardly any law & order.

The recent declaration of Islamic rule in a certain part of that country & killing of journalists & reporters out there is nothing but a great shame in the name of democracy, which itself had eluded Pakistani people with a long history of military coups. The terrorists are not sparing games & sports from their sphere of activities. The constant denial of the Pakistani government's support to all such sorts of activities further aggravates the situation.

Its high time for Pakistan to understand that it would no longer serve their purpose to be in a state of denial in whatever India says & asks for. They should stop the blame game and instead realise that terrorists are acting from their country only & supporting them would in turn make their cause even worse. Their not taking any action to evidences provided by the Indian government perhaps adds digs last nail to the coffin.

For India, its more of a cautious as well as aggressive approach that needs to be taken. India has been constantly & repeatedly asking for demolishing terror camps that have flourished in their land but all these have been into deaf ears. Pressure must be built on them to take necessary actions against the terrorists through proper diplomatic channel as war is not the ultimate solution.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mockery of Exams

Its not something I want to say because I study in a professional college and it happens in our college or with me but anybody, anywhere in any professional college can relate to it.
Exam in a professional college is more of a mystery and its very difficult to resolve by outsiders.

Moreover to do good in exams it doesn't matter how well you have attended classes but how smartly you have studied the day before the exam. 90% of academic year or semester gets spent in all the nuisances, its only the previous day of exams that maximum of the students get to know properly the name of the subject, the prescribed books, what the teachers have taught, etc. Everybody can be seen running to the academic topper's room (who in all other cases may be losers and for the whole semester, he has not been given any attention but on that day he is in heavy demand) and collecting notes and also pleading them if they can take out little amount of time from their busy schedule of time and make them understand some topics so they can at least score pass marks.

But there is another group of people who collect notes as usual but then they don't study to understand but to know the topics in the notes & in which portion & after that they get busy in preparing the chits from which they will copy in the exams. To everybody's surprise also they get maximum questions common which even the toppers after burning midnight oil couldn't get.
Students in professional colleges study to learn something but to get jobs and while studying also they give more stress on those topics that are frequently asked by interviewers.

But the group of students who are in most advantageous position are the ones who have maintained good links with the teachers because they know performance in exams doesn't matter while evaluation in their cases. They are well aware that teachers will give good marks and grades whatever the case with their exams. And mind it their group strength is quite a sizeable one and among its rank some of the so called toppers are also counted. If possible they also collect the questions that are going to come in the exams as it happens often that some students are seen trying to solve those questions(ultimately they won't be able to solve without the help of others) which in the wildest of dreams also, no one can think that these questions will come in the question paper and these questions come.

The group that suffers the most are the ones who try to be honest and don't adopt any unfair means and definitely I don't want to count myself among them. They are actually the losers though in society they may be gainers.

And the funniest thing happens when after the exams & before declaration of results, the answer scripts are shown to the students(especially in institutions with deemed status), a situation of fish market like atmosphere erupts wherein maximum students, with a special mention of the 'chatua' publics, try to get their marks increased by the teachers. Those who can, are the ones benifitted the most & luckiest of all in the whole examination process.
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