Friday, March 13, 2009

Triumph of GOOD over EVIL

Holi takes me to the memories that I have playing it along with my friends in my locality. In the morning we all used to go out taking along with us different types of colours. We used to visit every house in the locality putting ‘gulal’ to one & all in the locality. There were some who used hide from us and our intention used to pour more ‘gulal’ and other colours on them. They were our main targets. Touching the feet of the elders and then they providing sweets, it was all really wonderful. At the end we used to become a gang of 20-25 boys and a few girls also. But with the passing of years all these things have become a distant thought. Everybody is preoccupied with his or her work. Nobody gets time for all these. These have become secondary to all.

Holi is a universal festival. It knows no religion, no community and no political boundaries. It is celebrated in many countries with the same enthusiasm and fervor. It’s a day when everybody is treated equal; there is no high class and low class and all plays holi together. For a day everybody forgets their sorrows and tries to float on the happiness of the occasion of holi. It rejuvenates to start things afresh. It’s a festival that converts enemies to friends.

According to mythology ‘Holi’ marks the victory of good over the evil. As it goes, it is said that on this day ‘Holika’, a devil got burnt thus relieving all the people. So in this happiness everybody was enjoying with colours and sweets. And from then onwards holi is played on that day.

Similarly, a situation or a day has come wherein we need to reclaim the motive of holi and do away with all the evils in the society. Its high time for all of us we make a concerted effort to remove all sorts of hindrances that is blocking the development of our country and this world. We need to make it a better and peaceful place to live in.


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