Sunday, March 8, 2009

Woman: A life not a day………

Today I was talking to a friend of mine over phone, I was just praising her or rather the whole women fraternity for some reason and in reply she asked me, am I doing that because today is woman’s day. And what she said is definitely thoughtful. I did not give notice to it at that time but later I realized, somehow she was telling the truth only. She was telling what it happens in reality. May be while I was saying I didn’t consider that.

Over the years we have seen the condition of women. Though our culture places them in high position but whether our society does the same is a question that needs to be answered. Over the ages we have been telling that women are the form of goddess, they are our mothers but when it comes to performing the same we falter. We hardly give their due respect and position in society. Our society always considers them to be an object or a material that is to be exploited from time to time. Though with modern education, we are saying all those stuffs about equality but still gender bias exist.
Still a girl child is not welcomed in most of the houses. Whenever a girl is born, her parents start thinking about her marriage and all the money that would be required during that. She is always thought to be someone else’s property. So general idea is that give her little education, make her know some house-hold works and get her married. The condition was such even hundred years back and the condition is same even today, may be a little improvement with relentless work of handful of reformers. But on general terms it’s still the same.

There are still cases of child marriage, sati ‘pratha’ which is the most inhuman and barbaric of all. Cases of female foetecide are still prevalent in India. And even the so called high class society is not away from that. The number of girl dropouts from schools and colleges is at an alarming high rate. Even though we have passed laws banning dowry decades ago, it is still widespread in most of the Indian societies. We do get cases of unnatural female deaths within months of their marriage. The number of rapes and other anti social acts on them is on an increase and every day after opening the newspaper the front page is full of such news.

So what we require today??? I definitely don’t think by allocating a day to them we have done enough. Participating in various lectures and meetings on that day and talking all the good things about women upliftment and emancipation will not solve the purpose. Doing nothing and forgetting them for the rest of the year, it’s not at all required. We have been hearing all these years about 33% reservations for women. But are we serious in that, if we would have been serious it should have been passed in the top most Panchayat of India since most of the parties are supporting it or at least the two largest national parties are supporting it. Then why there isn’t a law till now. It’s nothing but a vote bank politics. Our leaders are more interested in garnering votes than to do something for the welfare of the masses. They talk about consensus but I want to ask, do we require consensus to pass and make any other laws. Then, why in this case. Have women got their due share in the society?

My question to every body is that why do we dedicate a day for them? They don’t require a day but a life of equality, peace and happiness. They don’t require such people who say about them on this particular day and forget for the rest of the year. Work must be done at the lower level to see that every girl, every woman is getting equal justice and benefit from the society. if we can’t do that then after another hundred years the condition will be nothing but the same.


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Hi Soumyadeep,

A rather interesting article. The points you made are pretty clear and worthy.

Well, I am also an avid blogger and I blog about social, political and environmental issues. I came to know about you from indiblogger.

I would like to see you on my blog as soon as possible. the link is http://www.youthkiawaaz.com


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