Friday, March 13, 2009

Who is ‘I’???

  • ‘I’ has got universality in it. Nothing is left outside of ‘I’.

  • The narrow mindedness in us converts ‘I’ into just an individual.

  • ‘I’ is the reason for all the happiness in this world. We try to make ourselves happy thus in a way making the whole world happy.

  • ‘I’ is also the reason for all the sadness in this world. The selfishness in us makes destroys happiness around.

  • ‘I’ is the root cause for all the development.

  • ‘I’ is also the cause for poverty prevailing here as I only think of me and leave my brethren to suffer.

  • ‘I’ is the source for all corruption and bribery.

  • It’s the ‘I’ that leads us to war.

  • The moment we give up ‘I’ and adopt ‘We’, we conquest the whole universe.

  • The ego attached to ‘I’ leads us to become losers.

  • And above all it’s just another vowel of the English alphabet.

‘I’ can lead us to extremes of anything. It affects us in more bad ways than good. Think on it and decide as to how much ‘I’ is destroying us. The ‘I’ in me always tries to keep me separate from others. The moment we conquer and control the ‘I’ present in all of us, we will free ourselves from all narrow mindedness and prejudices.


Puneet Parakh said...

"I" will always fight with "U"... "V" always wins !!

meenakshi said...

Nice thing..
"I" dont understand how "I" is the root cause of dev?

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