Monday, March 30, 2009

Off track

Well today I am relieved a bit. I hope I will be free for few days. With the college fest also there I think this week will be one filled with fun. This is our last college fest before we leave. Last week I also got my offer letter from the company which recruited me. So it has been a good few days for me though a bit busy due to project presentation and all. But what is giving a thought to me is that whether all the good leading to something seriously bad. One never knows when it may turn 180 degree.

Regarding politics which is quite a favourite topic for me, the hot topic now in all over India is Varun Gandhi's court arrest. It is rightly said that one week is a long duration in politics. From nowhere he has suddenly become a house hold name. In politics people like to be involved in controversies. One or two court arrests and a few FIRs are rather must to be in politics. It doesn't matter to them how much they have done for their constituency from which they have been elected.


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