Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fuss over Varun Gandhi

The whole Varun Gandhi episode is making Politics even more dirtier. What irritates me most is not whether Varun said so or not but too much of discussion or fuss is made over the issue. Our politicians need a topic to discuss. In spite of talking so much on this issue, if they discussed some issues related to development of the country then there wouldn't have been so many farmer suicides.

Let the law of the land ke its due action. If he is found guilty he should be sentenced appropriately bt before that we should we waste our time in discussing this matter. There is court to judge and perhaps we all have faith on it that it will pronounce the right judgement.

The is too not helping the cause. They have some news o increase their TRP and so they are also indulging politicians in this battle of words. Everyday in some news channel or the other there can be found discussion going on in this matter. They just call few politicians from different party folds, who have no other work but to give bytes to these channels, and make them fight over that.


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