Thursday, April 2, 2009

View towards Politics

We have a general view that Politics is bad and politicians make it even worse. We general public are always in the blame game that politicians don't do anything. They are the ones who are leading our country to disaster. But if we ask ourselves how much have we helped in that disaster... We will find that we in same way and as much as responsible for that. Don't we elect our leaders??? We definitely do. We elect the same person again and again even though that person has hardly done anything. Then who is to blamed, its us. Can't we find 500 good people who can feel the pulse of people from the population of more than 110 crores. We are lured by the profile of a candidate and not on the activities. If we have been good then how come criminals get elected to the Parliament. We do say we don't want criminals but while voting it comes out to be completely different.

Unless we change the system, the system won't get changed. We need to develop awareness among ourselves. Its time for all of us to make a concerted effort in this regard. We the young generation who comprise of the maximum percentage of population of the country can definitely change if we want to. If we make a pledge that from this elections we will try to elect that person who is the able and justified of all the candidates then the day won't be far enough when we can also boast of having such persons in our Parliament who are there for us and ready hear and discuss all our issues.


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