Thursday, April 9, 2009

US' Pak Policy

US' Pakistan Policy is nothing but to treat Pakistan as a kitchen. And their interest is only to cook in the kitchen, not to clean it after cooking gets over. Pakistan's future doesn't interest them, they are only concerned about their benefits. The day their interest won't be their in Pakistan, they will dump it. There won't be any support to them. But the present policy of US towards Pakistan creating problems for India for they in one hand talking about against terrorism but on the other hand they are providing military aids to Pakistan, which Pakistan is using in terror activities against India.

Though US try to talk tough with Pakistan but they ultimately go in Pakistan's way only. Pakistan provides US a military base in South-East Asia through which they can have a better control over this part of the continent. US is nothing but acting as a modern imperialist country. US is using Pakistan for its fight against Taliban in Afghanistan


hemal said...

It is not something that will bear any fruit. Pakistan will only get worse.

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