Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Wednesday

Many Delhites woke up on 7th September thinking it to be just like another normal Wednesday. But it wasn't to be the case as there was something heinous in store for the people of Delhi and why only Delhi, but fr the whole of the country. Another terrorist attack at the national capital that took away so many innocent lives at a place where these creators of fear psychosis among the people are supposed to be pronounced guilty, the Delhi High Court. The terrorists by choosing the place made it quite symbolic at how they are making a mockery of the Indian Judiciary and the Administrative system.

The way Indian Government is busy providing high class security and treating them as VVIP in the jails, Ajmal Kasab being one such beneficiary, it won't be an irony of the fact that being a terrorist and performing terrorist acts in India would be a lucrative job offer many would die for. Because there are very few jobs where one would be provided such a honourable treatment, taking care of their extravagant needs.

By Wednesday, I am reminded of the the movie, Wednesday. The treatment meted out to the terrorists in the movie is the need of the hour and only by such acts against them can make them think twice before they ever have in mind of committing such ghastly crimes. An act of Wednesday by the terrorists should be replied by our own version of Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

true- i have had enough of this speirit of country talk where we just bounce back after every strike- we are not courageous just oblivious as long as its not us

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