Thursday, April 2, 2009

SUPREME COURT decision on Varun

I may be a lay man in the matters of law but even then also it seems to me that the imposition of National Security act to Varun Gandhi was totally unwanted for. It seems to me a conspiracy by the U.P. government to defame the name of Varun. How come a person by uttering few words which he himself is denying also not proved in the court be implicated in NSA. I think even if he would have made the speech, the NSA is not all required. There have been many more aggresive and hate speeches made earlier that have not been loked into. But suddenly the Election Commission and the government has become too active.

Supreme Court's decision today to issue notice to the U.P. government and the district magistrate of Pilibhit is a right move. It will make sure that government and administration in particular don't make decisions in haste and favouring the ones who are ruling. Lawyers and Politicians across party lines are saying that it wasn't at all required. But the government to achieve some brownie points over their rivals imposed it so that it becomes a political issue.
Jammu & Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah was also against imposing of such.

Varun Gandhi may have said something that is against a particular community but then it is still not proved. The E.C. also showed too much haste in it by advising B.J.P. not to field him as a candidate. Even E.C. didn't meet personally to him. The decision and advice was pronounced just on the basis of a video which may have been doctored as varun is saying. If he is found giulty then he should definitely not be fielded but otherwise why not...


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