Friday, March 27, 2009

Think about others

There is something special in getting that for which you wait a lot... Its the anticipation and excitement that kills you but on getting one just gets over joyed... These are human elements. One can't get away from them and those who can, they are great. There is a saying in Bhagavad Gita that tells to do ones work without expecting for result. But it seems gone are those days, gone are those thoughts. There is hardly people possessing such values. Every body has become so much result oriented that these preachings have become almost irrelevant to most people. But there are some who still treasure those values. And they are ones who will be the torch bearers for this world. We are often subjected to petty considerations and don't get the time to think about the greater cause and welfare of the people en mass. But we forget that by thinking about ourselves only we are not doing any good to us. Because ultimately the lives of other people will affect us at some point of time, we can't be proof to that. Like everyday we are spoiling the environment for our benefit but is it really benefit us, rather we are converting Earth as a store house of all waste products. Similarly in all respects it will hurt us in the long run.


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