Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well Maharashtra assembly was recently in news not for the reason that a new assembly was formed after the recent elections but for a very different cause which must make all of our head bend with shame. An M.L.A. bitting another M.L.A. inside the very hall, in front of other M.L.A.s and also the speaker. What a scene it might have been... That shows the democracy of our country. The ones whom we send as our representatives to the Vidhan Sabhas and Lok Sabha are themselves involved in fighting. How will they make policies and laws for general people???? They should first make laws for them.

The reason for all the furore that happened is that an M.L.A. was taking oath in Hindi. According to some M.L.A.s of a particular party, he is supposed to take oath in only Marathi as it is Maharashtra Assembly. What a wish from some M.L.A.s... Where in our constitution is that written that an M.L.A. has to take oath in the language of the state in which he is elected??? Our so called respected representatives are supposed to abide by the constitution of India but they are a step ahead, they are changing the constitution. This is the first incident of its kind in India.

Now, I want to attract attention to something else. This is that the M.L.A.s who created all these problems were themselves talking to mediapersons in Hindi. Have they forgotten their stand??? Or they themselves are someone from North India. Why could not they keep up their word??? The most important thing that comes out of the whole incident is the M.L.A.s wanted to earn some cheap publicity and it was more of a publicity stunt. Our aam jaanta should look into that...


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