Thursday, February 26, 2009

PUB CULTURE: Is it necessary???

Today I would like to put something on all the moral policing that happened in Mangalore.

Recently I went to a friend's place & had a heated discussion with her regarding all the incidents that happened there. It is true all that happened may not be in the best interests of the country but to some extent it may have been required also. Now we see a great degree of diminishing moral character among Indians. And people accept it or not, to a great extent this whole pub culture is also responsible. I want to have some basic questions to all Indians:
Is it necessary for us to follow the pub culture???
Can't we be satisfied with our culture???
Why do we always run after what others do???

Isn't our culture great???
Don't we have enough ways to be happy in our culture???

With globalization, changing demography of the cities, pressure at the work place,etc. the pub culture has taken under its fold a large percent of urban population. People tend to spend whole night partying & dancing at pubs & discos, little do they care about their families at home leading to increase in family tensions. All these no doubt causing increase in the number of divorce, loneliness,etc.

Some people are of the opinion that physical assault to women wasn't good & its also not part of our culture. I also accept that its not part of our culture. Now, again I would like to ask whether all these incidents happened suddenly in a day, the answer would also definitely be NO. The Ram Sena & the Bajrang Dal have been asking and requesting people not to go to these places but all these were into deaf ears but now they did something in a stronger way everybody is saying about moral policing & that they are interfering into people's privacy & democracy. I don't think democracy says you get drunk in a pub. Our Indian culture respects women & regards them as a form of Goddess & mother and in no way defaming their position by beating them up or patronising pub culture is good.

We Indians have a very bad tendency of patronising anything that is being done in the west. We are not satisfied with ourselves.
So, my request to all is that stop being such & start admiring the greatness & beauty of INDIA & its culture. Doing that we will like every thing about India.


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