Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Hierarchy of Indian Politics

The moment one thinks about Indian politics, the name of one family that always comes up is the Nehru-Gandhi family. And someone from this family was almost always at the helm of affairs. Starting with Nehru immediately after the Independence and now with Sonia Gandhi and the passing of reigns to Rahul, this is the family that ruled the country either directly or indirectly as it is happening now. Though 'rule' would not be a correct word in a democratic country but when one someone from the same family comes to power then basic democratic nature vanishes. Though many would not agree with this.

The matter that is of most concern is that in a country of more than 120 crore population, we are not able to find a single person who can lead the nation forward. Apart from few names who led the government for a brief period with only exception being Atalji, it was always the same family. Many might have already raised eyebrows and have started asking questions what about Dr. Manmohan Singh, but to them there is one question, is he really the head of the government or it is the same Gandhi family that is taking decisions. And Dr. Singh's habit of seeking regular guidance from Sonia madam, further proves the notion.

But then the basic question that arises is why the Gandhi family, why not some other person or family? What is the X factor about this particular family? Is it because the surname Gandhi has been immortalized in the minds of Indian people due to our Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi? Perhaps, to me India could never come out of dynastic politics or may be the mindset of Indian people is not suited for democracy.

Our too much fantasy with the same family is undoubtedly stopping us from having some other people as Prime Minister of this country and who could have changed the course of actions for India. The government's most important trouble shooter Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, perhaps India would always miss him as one of the finest Prime Minister, India never had. Similar such names won't be difficult to find. Now, the reason for them not being Prime Minister lies with the people with this country or the family that has been instrumental in either becoming Prime Minister or by deciding who their choice would be. And the best answer can be given by them.


Anonymous said...

pls have sm more info on not just gandhi family but also various other political leaders

Wasim Khan said...

Hi. I am very glad to read this posting ! I am tottali agree with you. Now this time politics has been changed. now came new amm aadmi party in india. It is a true politics party. Visit for more info:- Arvind Kejriwal

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