Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apple or Microsoft

A debate that is long over drawn is which is better Apple or Microsoft. Two great companies almost founded at the same time and dealing with Computers, Laptops, Mobiles, etc. Two college drop outs went on to become the founder of the two most important companies in the fields, Apple by Steve Jobs and Microsoft by Bill Gates. When they started, computer was still at its nascent stage. What made them different is their ability to think different from others. And that is for this reason that they could rise the echelon and reach the zenith position. in the field

These companies brought about a change in our lives. Computers would not have been that popular if not for Microsoft's Windows which made working on computers much more simpler and easier. It could ultimately become a household name. And Apple has been more famous because of its innovations and out of the box thinking. Apple thinks well ahead of its time, and also its contemporaries and that is the reason we have iPod, iPhone and iPads. If Microsoft is the one that took computers to every home then Apple is the one that always maintained its class.

But both these two companies have maintained a very strict licensing policies. They are not willing make their technology open source. What needs to be seen is how these companies going to fare when these two great gentleman not around. They have been the oxygen for the companies. Steve Jobs has already resigned from the post of CEO because of his long battle with Cancer. And Bill Gates also not directly looking after the day to day affairs of Microsoft.


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