Saturday, December 29, 2012

How long shall we stay silent???

Newspapers, Electronic Media, Social Media, etc. everywhere we see voices rising in support of the lady whose life has been untimely taken away by those social monsters. We see condemnation from all quarters of this heinous crime. The act is unthinkable and no civilized society can ever accept that. And the most saddening part is such incidents keep on happening all over the country almost everyday which do not get any attention or limelight of media. May be because those incidents happen in other parts of India and not in National Capital, and thus do not appeal to 24X7 News channels as a good feed.

Rape is not just the only form of crime against women and there are many other crimes committed to women either at home or workplace or any other place which are equally heinous and deserve no less attention. All these crimes are rather manifestation of male chauvinist society (I too a male.) where they glorify their acts. Strangest to all is that this happens in a country where we take great pride in worshiping  our Goddesses, be it Durga or Kali or any other Goddess but do not think twice in committing crimes to their human forms. What an irony!!!

But these people who act such are very part of our own society and if we regard them as uncivilized, we too are equally because they are just part of us. Unless we change, we should not expect these monsters to change. When a girl says, "I do not trust any guy"; I do not have enough answer or reasons to make her trust guys. We are just not doing enough. And our politicians do not make the cause any simpler.

There are calls that bring in stricter punishments, change the police system, make changes to Indian Penal Code, etc.; but I do not think all these can ever be a solution. If punishment would have been a solution; we had instance of Dhananjay Chatterjee hanged for such crime  but I do not think this has in any way reduced incidence of crime. Also its quite debatable, how many people would you hang and moreover we are in India and not Saudi Arabia. And you too cannot have Police in every nook and corner to protect us. This Police is also nothing but some people from us only. Though improving and changing our laws and judiciary so that culprits can be booked quickly may see a change. Our judiciary should be made more effective and cases should not languish in courts for years wherein the very judgement starts making no sense to people.

But the most important aspect of ours that needs a change is our morality. We need to have moral values to make out the difference between good and bad. And this can only happen if we have proper education; and education does not mean having a good degree but being enlightened with human values. Education  that makes us real humans and not some pseudo humans with brains of animals. Education that teaches us to respect all and most importantly the opposite sex. Education that inculcates in us to work for the betterment of the people and society. Unless we have that education; we are not going to change, our society not going to change and sad to say we may continue to hear such incidents happening.

Lastly I would say if you can respect your mother or your sister or your wife or even your daughter; then why not other women???


Anusia said...

Yes,now its high time to raise our against rape and other inhumanism. India should be a safe country.

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